The story of JIAB starts when Joseph "Joe" Katz founded in 1958 "Katz Diamonds & Jewellery", a very distinguished jewellery house in the heart of Antwerp’s diamond district. The Katz family developed a tradition of craftsmanship in jewellery design and manufacturing. Being pioneers in the jewellery business in Antwerp, they attribute their success on their passion for the trade and their excellent business relations with the local diamond traders.

Today, with its three generations of experience, the Katz jewellers have established a solid reputation of honesty, exquisite diamonds, bespoke design and jewellery, and distinguished customer service.


The mid-90's were a turning point for the Katz family. After three years of training in Italy, Emmanuel Katz, the oldest son, came back with new ideas and projects that were considerably innovative.

Father and son decided to merge their ideas and discussed what they thought was missing in the jewellery market. The answer was clear... trading in jewellery from private hands.

The concept of Jewel In A Box in Antwerp was born in 1998.