About Us

Our search-to-order model

Emmanuel Katz is the creative mind behind Jewel in A Box. In the late 50’s his father started searching for unique pieces of jewellery in favor of his clients in Antwerp, Belgium. In his quest for remarkable jewellery Mr. Katz got inspired by the renaissance period in Europe. Searching for special details in every individual piece became his trademark. Emmanuel worked his way up to his own niche: a place to offer remarkable vintage jewellery.

Today we are fine-tuning this concept more into detail, because we want to make sure you will find a unique and remarkable piece of jewellery for a good value of money.

No concessions, only the most remarkable jewellery

The increasing interest for estate vintage jewels and the spirit of time inspired us to make a tailor made version of the already successful concept of Jewel In A Box.

Private hands

Search and select only those pieces of jewellery that can carry away your and our special interest. We found a niche in jewellery by focusing on real added customer value by searching and offering remarkable vintage pieces that are hard to be found (online) at reasonable prices.