Move for bigger and better


Time has arrived for Jewel in a Box to move for bigger and better.

The transition will start on the 24th of February.

We will be glad to welcome you for a drink during the 1st week of April at our new location: Leopoldstraat 12, 2000 Antwerpen.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by mail

FAQ regarding the "move"

I have an item for sale at Jewel in a Box. What's happening?

During the move, the goods will be secured and fully insured in a vault. The cost will not be charged for the whole month of March 2017. If we have items on consignment that you would like to recuperate, this will be possible at the reopening of the new shop. For exceptions, please contact us by mail

I am interested or want to buy an item.

Exceptionally you will be able to reserve items until the reopening of the shop at our new location, where you can view, try and eventually buy the item. To do so, go to the item on the website and click on I'm interested in this item and follow the instructions. If you want to buy an item, please use the same link and mention that you would like to purchase the item. We will contact you with further details and instructions.

I paid a deposit on an item. How and when can I pick it up?

Please contact us by mail for further instructions.