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  • 10882 Cartier
    Actual Price:€11,500.00
    Estimated Retail Price:€27,000.00
  • 11144 Brooch
    Actual Price:€3,100.00
    Estimated Retail Price:
  • 11451 Diamond & Sapphire Ring
    Actual Price:€2,750.00
    Estimated Retail Price:€6,000.00
  • 11357 Dior
    Actual Price:€1,330.00
    Estimated Retail Price:€2,900.00
  • 11365 Earrings
    Actual Price:€1,000.00
    Estimated Retail Price:€2,100.00
  • 11508 Chopard
    Actual Price:€12,970.00
    Estimated Retail Price:€27,000.00
  • 11526 Cartier
    Actual Price:€12,600.00
    Estimated Retail Price:€28,000.00
  • 11529 Jaeger LeCoultre
    Actual Price:€0.00
    Estimated Retail Price:€4,400.00

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